Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kodiak 14th June

Thumb Cove 8th June

On the way

We woke up to a grey and rainy day. After filling the tanks and about a dozen jerrycans with fuel, we motored to Thumb Cove where Pekka replaced our broken autopilot pump with a spare. During the evening, we had two visitors: a humpback who dived under our boat and then disappeared into the drizzle, and a Rufous hummingbird who, after circling the mizzen, hastened back to the nearby forest. 

I would think that there are very few people, especially in Europe, who know that there are both rainforests and hummingbirds in Alaska. At least we didn't know that until we came here. And what is even more surprising is that, although this is our fifth summer in Alaska, this was the first-ever encounter with an Alaskan hummingbird. We now have a hummingbird feeder and nectar to attract them, hopefully in abundance!

Northwestern Fjord 9th June

Melting Glaciers

The next morning we woke up at 4 am and continued to Northwestern Fjord. While we were still motor-sailing along Resurrection Bay, the sun came up colouring the mountaintops golden, and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day for a change. But as we continued our voyage, the sun soon disappeared behind grey clouds, and it started raining again.

We had been in NWF for the first time about ten years ago and then again in 2014, so it was interesting to see what had happened to the glaciers during our absence.  And we were greatly saddened by what we saw!

There was only one glacier left in the fjord that was still able to radiate that magnificent turquoise light we remembered from the past. 

As before, we anchored in Northwestern Lagoon and after studying the tide table decided to weigh anchor around 3 am to be able to get through the shallow pass in high water. 

Tonsina Bay 10th June

Still raining

In the morning, when we looked out the window and saw nothing but grey, we had unhurried breakfast and went back to sleep. Eventually, we left at 2 pm and motor-sailed through a rainy day to Tonsina Bay where we dropped anchor at 9.50 pm. After listening to the weather forecast which predicted SW winds 20 to 25 knots for Sunday, we decided to stay in Tonsina Bay till Monday morning before we'll continue our voyage to Kodiak. 

Kodiak 13th June

Gorgeous weather for a change

The weather was absolutely beautiful when we left Tonsina Bay early Monday morning. However, our timing was not quite right as we soon realised that we would be in Kodiak in the wee hours of the following day. So, we stopped in Izhut Bay for a nap, and then continued to Kodiak Harbor. As we were approaching the slip, there was our friend Marty Owen, retired Kodiak Harbor Master, waiting for our lines and welcoming us back home again.

We will stay here for a few days in order to solve a computer program problem, get a few spare parts, fill our gas bottles, and spend time with our friends, before departing for Alaska Peninsula

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Seward 7th June

Leaving Seward

We finally got the two eagerly anticipated sunny days during which we could finish painting the hull, and Sarema was launched June 1st in picture-perfect weather.

The following week we spent sorting out the disarray on the deck, hauling up the sails, replacing the main engine seawater pump, fixing the generator seawater pump, getting the satellite connection working, buying the extremely important fishing licence, and waiting for the 35-40 knot winds forecast for the surrounding areas to abate. 

And now the time has come to bid farewell to Seward, and head for the island of Kodiak!