Friday, 19 October 2018

Puerto Montt, 19th of October 2018

Hard Work and Patience

After more than three months of hard labour (thank you, Pekka!), almost continuous rain, and occasional storms, Sarema is finally ready for launching. 

During her ‘facelift’, Sarema’s bottom changed its colour from light blue to Christmas red. We hope this new colour is attractive enough to allure some of the wildlife i.e. whales we’ll encounter on our way down south to come closer to our boat.

When Riitta arrived in Puerto Montt in the middle of September, Pekka had less than three weeks left of his 90-day permit to stay in Chile. 

Therefore, we rented a car in Puerto Montt and drove through the beautiful lake region to the border between Chile and Argentina to get our permits renewed. With our current permits, we will be able to sail all the way to Puerto Williams for Christmas and from there to  ….

After launching of the boat, hoisting of the sails, changing of the oils and filters, refuelling, and some serious provisioning we should be ready for Patagonia and the Horn!